BMS or ( Building management system ), which is translated into Intelligent Building Management in Persian by Hardware This function is intended to monitor and control the integrity of the important & vital parts of the building in the building. The collection, continuous monitoring of the various building sections, and the application of commands to them in such a way that the performance of various components of the building is balanced with optimum conditions with the aim of reducing unwanted costs and Allocation Energy resources only apply to spaces during operation. .BMS It can be a controller of all electrical, mechanical and protective equipment of the building. This service includes heating, cooling, air conditioning, lifts, emergency power plants, escalators, lighting control, CCTV cameras, fire alarms, and more.

  • Some goals of the Intelligent Building Management System:

  • Creating an enabling environment for people in the building

  • Optimal use of equipment and their useful life

  • Provide a control system with functional time scheduling

  • Significant savings in maintenance and optimization costs and energy savings

  • The ability to monitor and control all points controlled by a PC or the Internet

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