Parking Management

Smart Parking

Intelligent car parking system consists of radio frequency identification (RFID) processor software. In this system, by connecting an intelligent identifier (TAG) to the car’s glass and installing an entrance and exit antennas for parking, it can be parked by the system if the vehicle is identified by the system without the need for people in the area. In this intelligent intelligence system, Al-Shaqi on the vehicle attempts to represent parking outlets. This system is used to enforce traffic constraints and record vehicle traffic reports and … at the entrance and exit points of public parking spaces, organizations, tolls, highways and traffic areas. This method is one of the newest parking control methods, and it is necessary to identify the virtual car from a distance of 3 meters from the gate or the gateway. Upon validation of the system ID in the system, the command to open the gateway is automatically issued.

  • Parking Intelligent System Properties

  • High-speed processing

  • Provide comprehensive rosters based on recorded information

  • Define users with different access levels

  • High Security

  • User-friendly

    Smart Parking System Operator

    • Controlling traffic in public, residential, commercial and airport parking lots.

    • Submit a vehicle’s entry and exit license based on the vehicle ID

    • Avoid entering and leaving a different vehicle

    • Registering and controlling the security function

    • Smart Parking Capabilities

    • Ability to control all types of inputs and outputs

    • Vehicle Detection Feature

    • without modifying the accuracy and accuracy of the detection within 24 hours & nbsp; Day

    • Provides a variety of reports based on the number of cars entered

    • Provides a variety of reports based on the number of cars

    • Provides a variety of reports based on the amount of free parking space available.

      & nbsp; Intelligent Parking Management System Using Smart Scanner and Card & Shy; Non-contact allows you to closely monitor the traffic of cars in the hotel’s parking lot. Smart parking system has two main PMS & nbsp; PGS. It is recommended that PMS software is localized and in-house for PMS software implementation, including ultrasonic, sensors, display boards and so on. The authentic Asian and European brands will be used.

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