Due to the growing need of the majority of construction projects to implement smart solutions and networks, network structure design is required in the projects. The network system has two main active and passive components. In the passive section, copper cables, fiber optic cables, rack types, etc., and in the ethic section, the data switches are defined and implemented in different layers to support the passive system. To make
Among the products of the systems that are included in the network services are the following:
Inactive network equipment:
۱- All types of network cables (cate5, cate6, cate7) in various types of SFTP, FTP, UTP
۲٫ Optical fiber types (Multimode, Singlemode)
۳-Rack Stand and Diving
۴-types of rack equipment (cable holder, patch panel, etc.)
۵ types of optical fiber boxes
۶٫ Types of copper and fiber patch cables
Active network equipment:
۱٫ Types of network switches
۲٫ Various types of network management switches
۳٫ Communication equipment on wired lines
۴٫ Point-to-point wireless communication equipment
۵- Wireless Computer Network
Other network based systems:
– New viop network based telephone calls
-TVs under iptv network
-Ip camera based video surveillance systems

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