Marketer Recruitment

Marketer Recruitment

۱٫ Marketing expert to identify home automation projects

۲٫ Marketer expert to identify construction automation projects (BMS)

۳-Marketer expert to identify CCTV projects

۴٫ Marketer expert to identify fire alarm system projects

۵-Marketing expert to identify intelligent parking management projects

۶٫ Marketer expert to identify network equipment projects (cable, switch, rack).

۷٫ Marketing expert to identify traffic control project projects

۸-Marketer expert to identify energy meter system projects (Intelligent)

۹-Marketing expert to identify the projects of the hotel automation system

۱۰-Markets expert to identify IPTV system projects

-If the activity is positive in the first month of cooperation, fixed salaries and high commission are awarded to reputable marketing experts.

– The marketing experts will be provided with free training at the company’s office for free.

To start cooperation, the contract will be officially registered (in the contract, the amount of sales and commission is stated transparently)

If the marketing experts are active, the minimum revenue from a bms project will be 100,000,000 Rials.