hotel automation

hotel automation

The smart hotel is referred to as a hotel that utilizes modern technology to provide a safe and comfortable environment for its passengers, and it saves energy costs by optimizing its cost.
In the hotel room, customer satisfaction and the diversity of services and the ease of use of them, as well as the introduction of guests to a different environment than ordinary spaces, is one of the most important factors in the quality of a hotel. For example, in a smart hotel, travelers do not need to be in person or by phone to answer their request. Just touch the touchpad on the touchscreen inside your room to immediately display their application on the reception monitor and respond to it.

The global LOXONE system is based on the KNX protocol.


The MINISERVER has an in-port LAN port, an analogue and digital output, and a 24-volt power supply.


GEWISS was founded in Italy in 1970. The company makes home and hotel automation with the KNX protocol.


Specifications: Equipped with RJ45 port
Application: To connect a computer via LAN, support 5 concurrent connections. The device is available for Android and ISO, which is supported by the KNX protocol and has the ability to manage buildings through the network and access points of Wi-Fi.


Zenio is an Italian company that uses the KNX protocol to communicate between devices


The fibaro system now offers the best intelligent building solutions. The fibaro company in Poland has been designing and designing building intelligence based on the z-wave protocol.
Smart Hotel Benefits:

• Remote control capability in a touch monitor
• The lack of problems for foreign visitors to receive the service by quickly setting up display texts in their native languages
• Define a clever scenario in lighting control system for different modes
• Intelligent control of the hotel’s cooling and heating facilities
• Control and record the arrival and departure of the staff and individuals of each room by the card reader system
• Control blinds and shutters with a scenario or using a remote control
• Automatic and automatic fire and extinguishing system activation and power failure
• View tourist information and other customer requests
• Play music in each hotel room in accordance with the personal tastes of residents and …

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