UNICAM’s CABS6 cable is affordable and has high bandwidth and high-performance cable making it the solution to most of the complex and robust applications at gigabit speed and fully duplex transmission. It has a guaranteed performance required by Cat6 cable lines. Is.


The ability to control the next generation of application-oriented applications that have full-duplex performance or two-way transmission.
Extremely high performance with existing applications
Provide additional bandwidth needed for future apps
Full control of bandwidth and video signal bandwidth

Enhanced Category 5 Cable (UC-CABx5e)
Enhanced Category 5 Cable – 350 MHz (UC-CABU5e+)
Category 6 Cable (UC-CABx6)
Category 6 Outdoor Cable (UC-CABO6)
Category 6A Cable (UC-CABx6A)
Category 7 Cable (UC-CABS7)
Category 7A Cable (UC-CABS7A)


Enhanced Category 5 Patch Cord (UC-CRD5e)
Category 6 Patch Cord (UC-CRD6)
Category 6A Patch Cord (UC-CRD6A)
Category 6 Keystone Jack (UC-JCK6)
Category 6 Shielded Keystone Jack (UC-JCK6-S)
Flat Face Plate (UC-PLT-FT)
۴۵ Degree Face Plate (UC-PLT-45)
Shuttered Face Plate (UC-PLT-SH)
Surface Mount Box (UC-SMB)
Enhanced Category 5 Patch Panel (UC-PNL5e)
Category 6 Modular Patch Panel (UC-PNL6)


Zipcord Fiber Optic Cable (UC-FBR-TZ)
Tight Buffer Indoor Fiber Optic Cable (UC-FBR-TI)
Tight Buffer Outdoor Fiber Optic Cable (UC-FBR-TO)
Loose Tube Outdoor Fiber Optic Cable (UC-FBR-LO)
Loose Tube 10G Outdoor Fiber Optic Cable (UC-FBR-GO)
Loose Tube Armored Fiber Optic Cable (UC-FBR-LA)
Loose Tube Self Support Fiber Optic Cable (UC-FBR-LS)
Fiber Optic Patch Cord (UC-FPC)
Fiber Optic Pig Tail (UC-FPT)
Fiber Optic Connector (UC-CNT)
Fiber Optic Inline Coupler (UC-CPL)
Fiber Optic Face Plate (UC-PLT-FB)
Fiber Optic Patch Panel (UC-FPP)


Fiber Optic MPO Trunk (UC-MPT)
Fiber Optic MPO Cassette (UC-MPC)
Fiber Optic MPO Fan Out (UC-MFN)
Fiber Optic Break Out (UC-BRK)


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