Home Automation

The smart home has been considered as one of the important parts of the integrated building management systems (bms). Smart houses are rapidly developing to provide comfort and security for users. Today, various techniques for large building automation, such as lighting control, temperature control, door controls, windows, screens, security systems, CCTV, multimedia controls, plant irrigation, etc. can be defined.

Of the common types of protocols used in the home automation system, you can: x10 and knx and z-wave And c-bus Cited.

These systems, in addition to providing added comfort and security, help optimize energy consumption, save time and maintain maintenance costs..


Bleftness control:

  • Bleftness control via smart keys
  • Remote control via remote control, mobile, tablet, iPad and the Internet
  • Control the intensity of lighting
  • Ability to define custom scenarios such as entry, lodging, dinner, guest, departure and more.
  • Compatible with security system (presence simulator when traveling or turning on and off accidentally lighting)

Cooling and heating control:

  • Cooling and heating control via intelligent thermostats Remote control and remote control via remote control, mobile, IPod Internet
  • Ability to define custom scenarios for optimizing energy consumption

Control of electric curtains:

  • Controlling the electric curtain open and closed through smart keys
  • Remote control of remote screens via Remote Control, Mobile, Tablet, iPad and the Internet
  • Light control of the day with automatic opening and closing of curtains

Audio and video control:

  • Planning Music Broadcasting at Different Home Spaces
  • Define different scenarios for audio and video
  • Planning to play and record music and programs at different times with the scenario…
  • Control of the security and security system
  • Control of the arrival and departure of people
  • Control the system of theft notification

Possibility to report remote sensing state through coordination with CCTV system…

Control other systems, such as plant irrigation and pet feeding, controlling the temperature and humidity of the sauna space, and controlling the unbroken functions of the bay.

The benefits of Home Automation:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Upgradeable according to the requirements of the employer
  • Easy and versatile control


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