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BMS or ( Building management system ), which is translated into Intelligent Building Management in Persian by Hardware This function is intended to monitor and control the integrity of the important & vital parts of the building in the building. The collection, continuous monitoring of the various building sections, and…

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Home Automation

The smart home has been considered as one of the important parts of the integrated building management systems (bms). Smart houses are rapidly developing to provide comfort and security for users. Today, various techniques for large building automation, such as lighting control, temperature control, door controls, windows, screens, security systems,…

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Video control systems are used to control and monitor the main sections of the building and areas where there is less access to the viewing in those areas. Today, CCTV systems are widely used in industrial and administrative centers to fully monitor physical environments and monitor the performance of employees…

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To send play Television, movie, audio, photo, text types as well as information for subscribers via Local (LAN) and Internet Protocol (IPTV) protocols. This service will be provided to subscribers in the form of a service, with other services such as high-speed broadband, video on demand and Internet telephony. In…

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Parking Management

Smart Parking Intelligent car parking system consists of radio frequency identification (RFID) processor software. In this system, by connecting an intelligent identifier (TAG) to the car’s glass and installing an entrance and exit antennas for parking, it can be parked by the system if the vehicle is identified by the…

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BTU Meter

Central heating and cooling in buildings: Production and heat transfer (heating) or cooling (cooling energy) in central buildings of buildings by Warm Or cool water in a central source (for example, a home engine) and transfer It is transmitted through reciprocating pipelines (circulating) into radiators or fans of any individual…

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Due to the growing need of the majority of construction projects to implement smart solutions and networks, network structure design is required in the projects. The network system has two main active and passive components. In the passive section, copper cables, fiber optic cables, rack types, etc., and in the…

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